The way a flag should be.

A great state deserves a great flag, and that's why it's time to bring back Maine's original flag. The pine tree and Dirigo star flew over Maine from 1901 until the state legislature adopted the current design in 1909. Many believe that its distinctiveness and simplicity make it a more effective representation of our state, and that's why they are starting to fly it again.

We started Original Maine to promote the original Maine flag and help make it a symbol that is known the world over. You can join us in this effort by ordering your own original Maine products and displaying them with pride.

Here you'll find stickers, patches, and of course, flags. We have many more products on the way, so check back often!


Featured Product

Original Maine Flag Wood Prints

A special edition collaboration with Maine’s own Seafaring Mercantile. These unique pieces are hand stenciled on eastern white pine grown and milled in Gray, Maine.

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